Our Relocation Department is dedicated to making your move to or from the Denver area as seamless and enjoyable as possible!  Relocation Director, Katherine Gunner has relocated families all over the world for 28 years.

We are committed to customizing our services to fit your needs. Whether you are an individual relocating to a new area or a company who needs help relocating 1,000 employees, we offer a variety of personalized relocation services:

  • Home finding assistance
  • Home sale assistance
  • Customized area relocation package
  • Area tours
  • Rental website assistance
  • Temporary housing
  • Property management
  • Candidate assistance
  • Home buying and selling
  • Mortgage, Title services
  • International services
  • Van Line discounts
  • Group moves
  • Outgoing referral services
  • Expense tracking and policy analysis, consulting and development

Personal Moves
We understand that there are many decisions to be made when relocating to a new area. New job responsibilities, family commitments, and moving can be somewhat daunting, but we are experts on the ins and outs of relocating and can provide support and guidance to you each step of the way.

Corporate Relocations
If you represent a company looking for relocation support for your valuable talent, we are here to assist locally, nationally, and internationally. We are experts at assisting job candidates, new hires, transferees, and executives with their relocation needs.

Katherine Gunner can be reached at: toll free 888-887-7617 direct (303) 874-1315

GunnerEmail Kgunner@rmprohomes.com